KW4 - Latest News - Easter 2019

Fundraising Activity Progress

Hurry, offer ends soon! ...

… or so they will say in the upcoming Easter Sales

Dear Villager,

Great time to take some action if you would like to be involved!

We have made very good progress with the campaign, having reached practically every household in the village by one means or another – resulting in many successful one-to-one potential investor meetings.

Regardless of whether or not people were in a position to invest, the feedback has been almost universally positive and supportive.  It is clear that the vast majority of villagers want their pub back.

However, there is still plenty of work to do and we would like to convert those kind words of support into action so …

  • If you would like to have a one-to-one meeting to discuss our proposed plans for the KW4 and a potential investment, please reply to this email or contact one of the team;

  • If you have already ‘enjoyed’ a meeting, and are inclined to submit a non-binding Expression of Interest (EOI), please complete and send in your form now;

  • If you have come to a decision that you either do not want a meeting or, if you’ve already had one and do not want to invest, then it would also be very helpful if you could let us know.

Despite the cheeky advertising slogan above, the ‘offer’ doesn’t quite end now, but if you do want to be involved in saving the pub, we would be very grateful if you take action now.

Thanks and kind regards,

The King William IV Rescue Team

April 2019, as the name suggests, is what we’re working towards. Save the KW4 represents a local interest group, whose activities over the last three years have solely focused on doing just that, ensuring the King William IV is brought back to life as a community pub.


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