KW4 - Latest News - June 2020

Progress updates

Dec 2019: Open Market Valuation & Offer to Buy :

Christies were engaged by the group to perform an independent valuation of the pub to determine its Open Market Valuation (OMV). The valuation completed and the OMV formed the basis of a revised offer that was submitted in December 2019. No formal reply was received to this latest offer.

May 2020: Renewed Asset of Community Value (ACV) Status:

When the pub initially closed its doors the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) registered the KW4 as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). The existence of an ACV forms a "material consideration" in matters of planning, change of use and prospective sales, though the original had an expiry date of 20-May-2020. The group, in consultation with Wycombe District Council, lobbied to have the ACV renewed which was successfully achieved and so will remain in place for a further 5 years. 

Lastly, the Covid situation has clearly demonstrated again the strength of community spirit there is and how much we depend upon and value our local amenities.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

The King William IV Rescue Team

June 2020, as the name suggests, is what we’re working towards. Save the KW4 represents a local interest group, whose activities over the last several years have focused on doing just that, ensuring the King William IV is brought back to life as a community pub.


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